FINAL PROJECT REPORT Enhancing Rural Livelihood Initiative Project Qaloocato And Galoolay Settlements Odweine District Togdheer Region Funded by Development Fund from January 01, 2011 – July 31, 2011

ADO had been in partnership with DF for the last 3 years. Starting from 2009 up to now, ADO had successfully implemented two projects with DF in the agriculture sector. The main objective of the implemented projects were to increase local food production capacities and raise the income levels of 100 returnee farmers in Gatiitaly agro-pastoral settlement in 2009. Apart from this in 2010 ADO undertook another project in Galooley and Galoocato valleys that aimed to improve the livelihood opportunities, resilience and food security of rural communities (men, women and children) through the adoption of more productive and sustainable resource management practices that are technically feasible and socio-economically viable.


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