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How it can develop social empowerment


  • Confidence build & assertiveness increased
  • Better awareness, communication skill, consciousness increased
  • Increased social security
  • Regular meeting &  address their social problems
  • Linkages with schools & education office for FAL purpose
  • Access to education & Improved Health
  • Mutual support  & strong social network created
  • Members became active participants
  • Recognition at family and community levels
  • Linkages with different institutions for service

How it can develop economical empowerment

  • Ability of saving all members
  • Members involve in business
  •  Income increase and diversified
  • Family livelihood change
  • Linkage with technology, finance, market place
  • Skill developed.
  • Employment opportunity
  • Asset created (Housing , Furniture , Small animals)
  • Internal loan / credit access created
  • Business capital increased

vHow it can develop political empowerment

  • Local administration
  • Municipality
  • Specific sector




  • Facilitate strong relationship among members.
  • Facilitate/encourage members to concern for each others.
  • Initiate activities within SHG to develop a feeling of “we” than  “I”
  • Facilitate Solidarity mentality, etc
  • Develop mutual support among members.


To lead people of Somaliland towards
sustainable development, peace and
equitable social justice.



To create better opportunities for
both the urban and rural poor through
sustainable and participatory development
approaches in order to sustain livelihoods.

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