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Improve crop production capacity and food security for the poor farmer house holds funded by DF/Diaspora projects


Method demonstration excercise that farmer are                    Tillage operation with troctor in Qaloocato village 

show cereal crop & pacing and rowing to minimize competition













Promoted local Food processing by women groups, adding value to products, by chaning farming practives to accesses higher income markets, promoted product puolity and incroprating processing activities that meet clien needs.













Sustainable land resources management that                                          

increases production and kame efficeint use                                             

of resources and sustaing ecosystem services                          Animal feeding for stocks after harvest in Galoley

promoted.                                                                                                  valley DF-ADO


DF project has been done the soil bund during                                    Before    Land perparation for farmers at Hahi   

project activities in Hahi and Asha ado villges   












Distribution of hand tools for farmers Hahi Diaspora                            Widding for farmer for DF/Diaspora project 












Diaspora project preparation land before                                          During the production activities at Odwayne 


































































DFLong term Project farmers  community cooperative training (theory and practical) 


To lead people of Somaliland towards
sustainable development, peace and
equitable social justice.



To create better opportunities for
both the urban and rural poor through
sustainable and participatory development
approaches in order to sustain livelihoods.

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Irrigation Network Innovation