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Crop production support to the host community funded by UNHCR












Group photo: Farmer associations training workshop with UNHCR head office Hargeisa, ADO  increaseing the institutional capacity buiding at the community and organizatioin level promoted to become self sustain and attain organization objectivies.

Small tree nursery set up in Gatiitaley                         A grinding machine at work in Shilmale: UNHCR/ADO 2011 

environmental restrotation enhanced and

introduced agro-forestry system to minimized

negative impact of agriculture to the environment                                    












UNHCR monitoring constriction sub-service dam               During the constrition dam at Maluugta village












Distribution of water pump and PE pipes at  maluugta farm 























During monitoring the project activities                                       Farmers training for gender opportunity 



To lead people of Somaliland towards
sustainable development, peace and
equitable social justice.



To create better opportunities for
both the urban and rural poor through
sustainable and participatory development
approaches in order to sustain livelihoods.

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