Training Report Understanding Cooperatives Staff of ADO, ISF and Farmers of Somaliland

ADO  in collaboration with ISF are currently planning a four years food security project in Togdheer and Maroodi-jeex regions of Somaliland. The major focus of the project is on utilizing collective action to address common social and economic problems by forming cooperatives. The training was focused on the process of new agriculture cooperative development and examining cases of existing agriculture cooperatives in the project target areas.

The training targeted the ADO and  ISF  staff, and Farmers representatives from existing farmers’ cooperatives in the target villages in proper methods of formation, running  and management of cooperatives who are involved in the ‘enhancing the food security of agro pastoral and pastoral community of the Somaliland’ programme activities.  It was designed to build the capacities of these staff and farmers representatives in ensuring the sustainability of cooperative activities in the programme / project areas.


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