1.1 Introduction Addressing animal health is vital to increase pastoral and agro-pastoral resilience and sustenance of the livelihoods. Therefore, ADO working with Development fund of Norway and European Union proposed to address gaps on animal health in Burao and Odweine districts through the formation of sustainable community-based animal health services with acknowledgement from certifying authorities under the project titled Community resilience in Somaliland and Puntland (CRISP) that focuses building the resilience of the Somaliland communities in the regions of Togdheer, Dadmadheedh and Sanaag. Under that project ADO has trained and equipped with basic necessary of animal drugs and equipment 12 CAHWs on 16th to 29th November 2020 with the help of the ministry of livestock and Fishery Development from pastorals and agro-pastoral from Beerato, Beer, Xidhxidh and Shilmaale village in Odweine and Burao as community health workers (CAHWs) that is expected to concretely increase community’ resilience on climate change impact and through improving animal health ultimately result in increase of livestock productivity without costlier inputs.