Women in Somaliland face a double hurdle to power, with formidable obstacles restricting their access to decision-making positions and processes and their ability to influence within them. We aim to increase rural women’s access to and control over productive resources, knowledge, services, and lucrative market opportunities. 

ADO supports the priority development areas identified in Somaliland. Our National Development Plan II & III objective improves the economic status of women and marginalized groups, implementation on gender equality, inclusive participation, and community mobilization. ADO creates alternative sources of income both in skill transfer and provision of Business Start Fund and Revolving Fund for Somaliland agro-pastoralists – focusing on women to help sustain their lives and access to support their families and cover the basic needs for their household.

Micro-Credit Service
ADO implemented a micro-credit program for women returnees in two regions of Somaliland. The program aimed at assisting displaced and returnee women in resettlement, and to help women and their families to quickly re-establish their economy on a sustainable level. ADO with assistance from UNDP and CARE International, has assisted about 550 women including returnees, women headed families and destitute families.

The program successfully ran a three year implementation period.

Through this project ADO consolidated its efforts to assist more than 1000 vulnerable women returnees (of 7000 family members) in providing small credit, which will make it possible for them to start new businesses and/or expand their existing business that would result in increasing their income and livelihood. For these returnees to achieve a high level of viability that will be beneficial to communities and profitable for themselves, they require continued and expanded support and services. While the credit capital is limited, ADO plans to extend its credit services to other regions and towns.